Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers, founded in April 2000 is a set of barristers’ chambers in Gray’s Inn, London. With a strong history of innovation and commitment to core values they have been dubbed “the future of The Bar”

In 2014 Matrix were looking for a system to manage their events and invitations. This was previously done by hand with 2 members of staff trying to send large volumes of invites as well as keep track of RSVPs. This process wasted a significant amount of their time and it was clear something had to change. Members of the Matrix set had been impressed by the invite systems employed by other barristers’ chambers, for which we had built the marketing systems, leading to Matrix contacting us.

As Matrix did not require a new website or content management system, we proposed our fully hosted service for event management. This was customised so all emails, RSVP and subscription management forms were branded accordingly and had the same navigation as the rest of Matrix’s website. We then deployed on a sub domain so that it fully integrated with their existing investments.

The new system has proven to be a spectacular success. Tasks that were taking days are now achievable in hours, with greater accuracy and improved email design. Also improved are the event take up rates with detailed mailing stats now tracked accurately using our PilotSend email marketing platform.

Our events management system has opened up new scenarios for Matrix to exploit such as re-engaging with invites to automatically send reminders, re-marketing events to non-responders as well as following up to thank attendees. These task are all now achievable quickly thanks to the integrated nature of the platform. With data such as RSVPs from website forms is now automatically evaluated with mailing statistics to allow for one click setup of these more complex mailing scenarios, all without any specialist knowledge or complex training requirements.

Another advantage of the system has been the ability to send event related files to attendees without worrying about large files being blocked or filling attendee’s inboxes with large files. The system automatically creates hosted versions of any files send and tracks who has downloaded each file.


Later in 2014, Matrix’s marketing staff realised that as well as sending their contacts updates about events, they would also benefit from sending the same people updates about Matrix itself. When requested we were happy to extend their existing system by adding the PilotSend marketing module, as well as creating new email templates for the Update style of mailing. This allowed for more general mailings to be sent with the full control over custom segmenting as provided by our customer & subscription management system.

In 2015, Matrix Chambers were looking for a system to survey their contacts in order to obtain valuable insights for a re-branding exercise. With the marketing team already impressed with our Event Management Systems they naturally contacted PilotBean. We were able to specify our hosted survey management service as a module that works alongside their existing systems. This allowed Matrix to create and manage detailed surveys with a rich pallet of options using our purpose built Survey System. Survey invite mailings could then be sent using the same user interfaces already familiar to the marketing staff. The survey was successful, providing the data required with a much higher response rate than what was previously achieved, when using other non-integrated solutions.