What We Do

Web Design

Whether your website is a landing page for an email campaign, a site aimed at maximising potential traffic from the search engines or is simply an online presence for your existing brand, PilotBean have the experience to deliver a website design that exceeds your expectations.

Web Development

We believe that websites should look great but also that the code behind the scenes should run as smoothly and effectively as possible, which is why we have a dedicated team of web developers who specialise in delivering websites of the highest quality.

Email Marketing

We offer an email marketing service with the skill not only to design but also the knowledge to build HTML emails along with the technology and experience to deliver a successful email campaign.

Event Management Solution

Our stand-alone event managment and invite service that can either be integrated with an existing website or used independently. The service includes hosting, support and template design.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving aspects of a website in order to drive traffic from the search engines and at PilotBean we want to give all websites we build, the most exposure to Google as possible.

Web Analytics

At PilotBean we realise that you want to get the most from your website so where required we provide a web analytics service so that you can rest at ease that you’ll always get maximum results from your website.


We understand that a website should be accessible by all people regardless of abilities and disabilities. By designing, building and providing the correct editing tools, all users can have equal access to the information and functionality contained within the websites we build.