Templated Email Designer

What is a templated email designer?

We use our templated email designer in our PilotSend Email Marketing product, Event Management and Survey solutions to enable our clients full control over the content and layout of their emails.

The system is based on flexible customisable containers and content blocks. These are built to the customer’s specification and allow a very high degree of freedom in email layout while maintaining the corporate brand and a uniform professionalism.

Emails are built by dropping in content blocks such as text blocks, images, text with image inserts etc… Each content block is fully editable allowing for the text and images to be entered and manipulated. These content blocks can be re-ordered or deleted with new ones being added until the desired email structure is achieved. All editing is within WYSIWYG editor making the system easy to learn and fun to work with. Preview or send test mailings so you can see what your mailing looks like with real customer data.

This makes it simple and easy to set up emails that adhere to the corporate identity, while remaining flexible enough for rapid adjustments whenever necessary. Your emails will look professional tailored without the lead time and cost associated with using a design agency.   

How does it work?

Our system keeps the content data separated from the email design and HTML. This means our customers can be sure that all emails, not only follow design guidelines, but also render correctly on all email clients and devices.

The underlying software’s HTML generator works to maintain the integrity and flexibility of HTML layouts merging in customer data. This ensures that the output matches that of a professionally hand-crafted HTML email. Therefore, every message sent offers the same high standard of appearance and readability, no matter the environment in which it is being viewed.

Our customers have full control over their own email content, safe in the knowledge that the HTML produced for output has been validated and tested by our email experts. Another advantage of this approach, is that when our customers come to re-brand we can update the HTML design while maintaining all the customers mailing history. This means that previously sent newsletters that feature on the website will seamlessly update into the new branding and not look out of place.

New content layouts and designs can be added at any time by PilotBean or 3rd party HTML emails specialists. Using our innovative binding system, the content section can be set up to automatically and pull customer specific or other data into the email content.