Event Management

What is Pilotbean’s Event Management Service?

We have created a stand-alone service that can either be integrated with an existing website or used independently. The service includes hosting, support and template design.

The system is geared to automatically publicise public events and provide a secure sign-in page for those events that are by invitation only. The simple process allows the user to create events, attach schedules, add the appropriate type of sign-in page and monitor the progress of events. All this lets the user to keep tabs on the success of any given event simply by calling up the appropriate page.

How is the service customised for each client?

Our package always starts with a consultation to understand our clients events and audiences. Following that, we then customise our system to ensure that the users emails are ‘on brand’. We capture the data required and ensure that our system works with existing workflows and systems.

All mailings and forms can be designed to match existing branding or we can create exciting new designs for standalone systems. Of course all emails and forms are responsive to ensure they look great an any device.

We make sure that both importers and exporters work with existing systems, or alternatively we can create custom modules to directly interact with APIs of current data system.

How does the service work?

Our event management service is based on our customisable Event Management System. We designed the service to allow marketing staff and event promoters to easily manage their contacts lists, create / edit events and send emails with a high level of automation. Users can create an event, upload a list or select from any of your predefined groups and then send out an invite with all the event details automatically added within a few minutes.

Each event has an automatically created ‘RSVP’ form, ‘Thank You’ pages along with ‘Unsubscribe’ and ‘User Preferences’ pages. These pages can be styled so that they integrate with an existing website if required.

RSVP’s, Declines and Unsubscribes are tracked and can be monitored and exported from the system.

Event mailings

The system supports the automatic creation and sending of invites, event reminders, change of details, re-invite to non-responders and mailings to attendees. We can also create new emailing scenarios based on customers’ requirements.

Using our Templated Email Designer, hand-craft templates and content sections the system allows for a huge amount of creative freedom, but without the need to understand HTML coding. We constantly monitor, update and validate your customised templates as part of the service to ensure that your emails will always render correctly across all devices from mobiles to desktop and in all email clients.

All mailings are sent using our PilotSend system to ensure deliverability and to provide detailed statistics.