What is CSS?

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language used to describe the look and formatting of an HTML document and is used to separate the content of a document from the presentation.

CSS can then be applied sitewide to provide a consistent experience for users as it allows layout, fonts and colours to be managed from a single file completely independent of the content.

By separating the content from the style of a page, it’s not only possible to change the appearance of everything on a website quickly and easily, it’s also possible to optimise a site for print, screen or any screen size, including mobile devices and tablets.

Why you should be using CSS3

The earliest drafts of CSS3 were published in 1999 but it’s not been until the last few years that developers have been able to use it for mainstream projects due to the slow uptake in browser support.

However, modern browsers now support the majority of CSS properties and therefore when used sensibly, it can help mimimise file size, improve user experience and reduce time and costs associated with maintaining additional code.

How Pilotbean use CSS3 to make better websites

At Pilotbean, we build all client websites using CSS3 to ensure so that we can take advantage of the latest techniques.

We use a progressive enhancement approach which allows us to build a site which works within all browsers but then we can enhance the design by using newer features where appropriate, such as rounded corners, gradients and animations.

This means that whilst older versions of browser like Internet Explorer may not look exactly the same, the main functionality and look and feel will still be perfectly usable for anyone accessing the website but at the same time a better user experience can be delivered for people who keep their browser up to date and can take advantage of these additional aesthetics.