Integrated Mailing Platform

Why integrate your mailing platform?

Integrating your mailing platform into your website means the data that is used to drive your public marketing (the website), is directly connected to your direct marketing platform. This does away with the need to manage content in two distinct systems when managing a campaign.

Once a Newsletter is input, it can be both sent to a mailing and added to the website at the same time, with a single click. An Event can be updated with notifications of changes, that are sent automatically to previous signups. As our customers will testify, the opportunities for automation and time saving are endless.

How will it save time and costs?

Putting your business into one package will reduce your training costs and keep your employees up-to-date with little disruption to services and sales. All your data will be in one place, enabling easy and efficient co-ordination of, and access to, company information and statistics.

It is a simple task to coordinate and send out newsletters, mail shots and emails that are using information already compiled and collated in the system. In turn, freeing up employee time for other marketing tasks.

With little work, hours can be saved by setting up automatic online-form fill-in macros so that future work can be done in just one or two clicks of a mouse. The system can be tweaked and adapted to suit individual company needs. For example we have deployed many updates to our systems with feedback from Barristers’ Chambers and law firms to meet their specialised needs.

One of the major advantages of the system is the ability to create events in one place. With invites, updates and amendments automatically cascading through to the intended targets there is no possibility of anyone being forgotten or overlooked. Invited recipients can respond directly onto the system, enabling management to closely monitor the event.

The system boasts a comprehensive and almost entirely self-managed?contact and subscription?system that requires very little in the way of employee input. The newsletter content of the website can be swiftly updated, with all subscribers’ guaranteed speedy access to news and information, as it becomes available.