Event Management System

What is an event management system?

Our event management system incorporates the process of creating and updating real world events along with handling the invitation system and RSVP status.

How does Pilotbean’s event management system work?

We can incorporate a full event management system as a module within our PilotSite CMS which enables events to be added to a website or alternatively kept private for invitation only events.

We also offer the event management system as a stand-alone service which can be customised to exactly match any existing website and seamlessly integrate with customers’ existing technology.

Invitations are handled by our event management system by sending out custom built emails to a specific list. The system processes any responses into RSVP lists and allows the user to easily see who will be attending. The system also incorporates tools to automatically resend to non-responders, remind attendees of events as well as sending event changes.

Follow-up emails are targeted using engagement and invitation tracking to automatically send to the relevant attendees, non-responders or any other scenario required by our clients.

Our event email can be set up so that all relevant event details are automatically populated in all event mailings, saving our customers time. We customise this both on a per-client bases and for each mailing type, to ensure that we achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility.

All event mailings use our PilotSend e-mail sending engine and as such benefit from comprehensive analytics and deliverability features. Emails for each type of event activity are automatically created and populated with event details based on our customers’ requirements. Our?templated email designer system ensures that emails are fully editable without the need for specialist HTML or email knowledge.

The event management system can be completely customised for each website to include event start and end times, event speakers as well as capturing any unique requirements for attendees such as dietary requirements.