PilotSend Mailing Engine

What is the PilotSend mailing engine?

Our mailing engine is the service that provides email sending for our PilotSend Email Marketing product, Event Management and Survey solutions. We built PilotSend to allow us to deliver fully featured and un-restricted mailing platforms for our customers that integrate with our other products as well as existing infrastructure.?

How does it works?

Pilotbean has used best practices to professionally set up PilotSend. We use all the modern and correct email sending protocols such as DKIM and SPF. The high performance multi-threaded sending engine ensures fast constant sending rates while allowing for long DNS lookup, handshake and connection times. This ensures that all mailings are sent quickly and reliably, while automatically tracking sending data and user engagement data such as opens, click-through and un-subscribes.

Ensuring mailing deliverability

By sending well-formed HTML email content backed up by text version with all the correct protocols will help ensure that emails get to your customers in-boxes. However PilotSend goes further by also automatically dealing with deliverability issues and accurately reports back on any failures. Email bounce backs and non-delivery reports (NDRs) are automatically monitored and analysed using our hand crafted rule system to determine the best actions to maximise deliverability.

For example: The system will retry emails for ‘mailbox full’ or for ‘first contact grey bounces’ or automatically detect when email boxes no longer exist. The rule system is monitored for unknown responses and updated to ensure that PilotSend always knows how to deliver reliably to all your customers and their specific email infrastructure.

Comprehensive logging allows Pilotbean to monitor customer’s campaigns and provide detailed insight into any deliverability issues arising from technology changes or poor quality sending lists.