Automated Article Scheduling

Article scheduling is a method of setting content to be added to a website at a specific date and time without the need for human interaction at that given moment.

Automated Notifications

Automated notifications is the functionality present within the Pilotsite CMS which handles email communications based on specific criteria within the website being successfully completed.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language used to describe the look and formatting of an HTML document and is used to separate the content of a document from the presentation.

Event Management System

Our event management system incorporates the process of creating and updating real world events and the handling of the invitation system and RSVP status.


A web forum (also known as a message board) is an online meeting place for discussion around a number of topics and issues.

Google Maps

Google maps is a mapping service developed by Google which includes street maps, satelitte imagery, street view and real time traffic.


HTML or HyperText Markup language is the standard used to describe the content of all web pages. HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets which usually require pairs.

Joomla CMS

Joomla is software which enables web developers to build a website using its powerful content management system. The CMS is open source and built on PHP which enables developers to built flexible websites.