What is a web forum?

A web forum (also known as a message board) is an online meeting place for discussion around a number of topics and issues.

The strucutre of a forum usually starts with categories which may then have sub-forums. Sub-forums then contain topics which are commonly referred to as threads. A thread then contains a number of posts which contribute to the discussion.

How Pilotbean use web forums

At Pilotbean, we have built a completely bespoke forum which can be tailored to work with any design requirements and is entirely customisable as it doesn’t rely on any third party software or plug-ins.

By default, the Pilotbean forum includes all the usual functionality associated with a web forum including:

  • Categories, sub-forums, threads and posts
  • Forum filters (i.e. view all thread, poll only threads etc)
  • Hot and Sticky threads
  • Quote and reply to posts
  • User groups (i.e. Moderator and administrators)
  • Attach images to posts
  • User activity
  • User subscription and alerts to new posts