Automated Article Scheduling

What is automated article scheduling?

Article scheduling is a method of setting content to be added to a website at a specific date and time without the need for human interaction at that given moment.

Why use article scheduling?

By using the automated scheduling of content, this enables web authors the flexibility to create content and to set it to be published to the website when they may not neccesarily be available to publish the content (e.g. out of working hours or any time the author is away from their desk).

This has the advantage of creating content and setting a publish time safe in the knowledge that the author can be away from their desk and the system will take care of the rest to ensure that the content is published at the correct time. 

Article scheduling also has the benefit that content authors can write content in bulk and set individual publish times for each seperate piece of content.

How Pilotbean use article scheduling?

At Pilotbean we can integrate scheduling into every piece of content to give users complete control over when content should be published.

Our Pilotsite CMS also contains the functionality to set an expiry date for time sensitive content which will unpublish any content once that time and date has expired.