What is Stripe

Stripe is an online payment provider which has become popular among developers. They are able to offer direct payments from your website using the provided stripe libraries without the need of requiring PCI complaince providing you do not store any card holder data. 

How PilotBean use Stripe

We used stripe as a payment provider on AMR International. Like PayPal, the payment form integrates with its client side library to provide card validation. It then submits both the order and card data directly to Stripe.

Once Stripe has validated the purchase data, it returns a unique transaction token to the payment form. This is then used by the webserver as part of its order processing.

Once the user has completed the last step of the payment wizard the site comunicates with Stripe to get the result of the transaction and then performs the business rules on the transaction.

This process allows us to have integrated payment forms that don’t require the user to leave the site and has a better user journey.