SEO Friendly

What does SEO friendly mean?

For a website to be SEO friendly it needs to satisfy a number of different criteria. This includes amongst other things having title tags, the ability to include a semantic structure with the use of heading tags, SEO friendly URLs, crawlable link structures and indexable content.

SEO friendly doesn’t neccesarily mean that a wesite will rank well. It simply means that everything is in place from a website structure that it could rank well with a successful SEO campaign. 

How do Pilotbean make sure websites are SEO friendly?

At Pilotbean, we make sure that all the websites we develop are search engine friendly. This means that our CMS includes features to be able to add custom title tags and meta descriptions rather than rely on machine generated content.

We also enable content authors to add heading tags within content so that search engines can gain a better understanding of the structure of the website.

Our developers also have many years experience of building SEO friendly websites and always implement best practice as advised by Google when  building our websites.