Email marketing

Our email marketing service offers great email design and build, together with all of the technology and experience to deliver a successful email campaign.

HTML email design

Designing HTML emails is different to designing web pages due to the many things that browsers can do that email clients like Outlook can’t. Therefore, we make sure your emails look attractive, and can be converted to HTML effectively.

HTML code for email

Unfortunately, email clients don’t display content as consistently as modern web browsers because the way they understand HTML and implement CSS can vary considerably. Therefore, it’s vital to understand the best practice for building HTML emails.

At PilotBean, we have extensive experience in creating HTML emails, and understand the best methods for building HTML code for email.

Managing your Email Campaign

Our unique PilotSend email marketing product removes all the hassle from managing an email campaign.

Simply send your HTML email to your distribution list, and use our interface to build, send and track your emails.

For more information, and to see how we can help your organisation, please contact us.