Email Marketing

We offer an email marketing service with the skill not only to design but also the knowledge to build HTML emails along with the technology and experience to deliver a successful email campaign.

HTML Email Design

Designing for HTML email isn't the same as designing for a web page as there are many things that a web browser can do that an email client unfortunately can't.

Where some creative agencies may design an HTML email that looks great, we also ensure that the design can be converted to HTML efficiently.

For more information please see our article on design considerations for HTML Email

HTML Code for Email

Unfortunately, email clients aren't as consistent in their display as modern web browsers and the way that they understand HTML and implement CSS can vary considerably so it's vital to understand the best practice for building HTML email.

At PilotBean, we have the experience of creating HTML emails for a variety of different clients and over the years have gained the knowledge as to the best methods for creating HTML code for email.

We've put together an article containing technical consideration for building an HTML email which covers things like using tables for layout and how to properly use CSS for HTML email which is very different to a standard web page.

Managing your Email Campaign

Our unique PilotSend email marketing product means that we remove all the hassle from managing an email campaign.

Simply send your HTML email to your distribution list and use our interface to build, send & track your emails.

For more information and to see how we can help your organisation, please contact us