Long tail keywords

It’s a misconception that the art of SEO is to rank highly in search engines. Quite often this is a by-product of SEO but the true value is in driving traffic to a website.

For a new site, it will usually take many years to compete with the biggest brands for highly competitive keywords so it’s usually much more rewarding to initially go after the long tail keywords.

To do this, we recommend targeting either your home page or if that’s too generic a category page with your main keyword and then target subsequent pages with long tail keywords. These could be news articles, how to guides or just generic content pages which are optimised for this keyword.

The key is to generate lots of relevant content within a section which gives the site a sense of authority on a subject, which people are likely to link to. Over time, ranking well for these long tail keywords will attract links which will often increase a website’s ability to rank for the more competitive keywords.