Search Engine Optimisation

How a search engine works

All search engines work differently but the main three (Google, Yahoo and Bing) all share similar characteristics. These search engines use a combination of on page and off page factors to rank all web pages and this article explains the basic principles of how a web page is ranked by the major search engines.

Keyword research

Keyword research is important to determine which keywords are searched for by users of search engines but it's also equally important to consider how competitive these keywords are to ensure that your site reaches its potential for search engine exposure.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are used to target multiple combinations of a keyword and whilst each long tail keyword may not drive significant traffic, the total volume of these long tail keywords can have a significant impact on an SEO campaign.

On Page SEO - Head Elements

The head section of an HTML document can have a big impact on SEO. This article explains how to use the title tag, meta description and meta keywords effectively.

On Page SEO - Body Elements

The body section of an HTML document is what you look at when you view a web page in a browser (i.e. the content). How you structure your HTML is vital to ensure that your site is created with the best opportunity to rank well.