PilotSite CMS

PilotSite CMS is our web based content management system which has been developed to enable non-technical users to create, update and manage their websites.

Entering content is as easy as using a word processing package. PilotSite CMS uses a WYSIWYG editor similar in appearance to Microsoft Word to allow users to edit content text and upload images. Using an editor means you don't need to know any HTML and can concentrate on the main focus of your website - the content.

The PilotSite content management system allows multiple users at different locations to create and manage the website content. Integrated into the CMS is a workflow process that allows for finely tuned permissions, allowing managers to control sign off and publishing of all site content. There is no limit to the amount of content (pages, images, documentation etc) that can be stored, the only limit is how big you want your site to be.

PilotSite CMS is a 100% browser based content management system and as such can be used by anybody with an internet connection and web browser. PilotSite CMS is fully compatible with IE, Firefox and Safari browsers across the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

For a complete list of PilotSite features please see our features matrix.

Accessible CMS

At PilotBean we build websites using the PilotSite CMS to deliver standards compliant websites which are optimised for accessibility. We deliver accessible websites using XHTML/CSS and don't use tables for layout.

Web Accessibility Benefits

Having an accessible website ensures:

  • Users with disabilities are able to use your site
  • Users with older or less popular technology can access your site
  • Faster web page download times
  • Compatibility with latest browsing technologies (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari)
  • Reduced Bandwidth costs
  • Better Usability
  • Legal accessibility requirements are met

You can find more information on the accessibility guidelines at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

Search Engine Friendly CMS

PilotSite CMS is search engine friendly content management system and has all the options you'll need to ensure that your site has the ability to rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo including:

  • Title Tag Customisation
  • Static Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Meta Tag Customisation
  • Customisable HTML Tags including heading tags
  • Category Structure Management
  • Alt Text for Images

For more information on SEO and how PilotBean can help you, please see our Search Engine Optimisation Services section.