PilotSend Email Marketing

What is PilotSend?

PilotSend is our email marketing platform designed to help businesses keep in touch with their customers or other business contacts via the medium of email.
The package features a first class templated email designer, with an easy to use WYSIWYG interface, so the user can be satisfied that what is seen on the screen is what their end user customers will see too. Even employees with little email or design experience can produce high-quality, fully branded and flawless HTML mailings.

PilotSend allows our clients to not only send bulk email to customers, but also makes it possible to track how effectively the email campaign is performing. It is also possible to send emails according to a pre-determined schedule. Real-time monitoring shows how many emails have been delivered, read, clicked-through and how many bounced back or failed.
PilotSend includes full Customer & Subscription Management, providing control over segmenting and ensuring that their campaigns are reaching the relevant audiences.

Integrating PilotSend

The system is highly adaptable and flexible, with full and detailed customisation available to support the user's existing infrastructure. Designed to easily integrate with existing data systems, it keeps data flowing seamlessly and is also available for individualised data binding depending on the business' needs.

Our system can be integrated with an existing webpage, developed alongside a new webpage or purchased as a standalone hosted email marketing solution.

When built as integrated mailing platform with our PilotSite CMS, PilotSend offers further opportunities to automate and optimise workflows. Read about how our comprehensive system can save time and offer further opportunities here.

PilotSend can also be configured to provide the mailings for our Event Management Solution.

For a complete list of PilotSend features please see our feature matrix.