Charles Worthington

Charles Worthington is the owner and Creative Director of one of the UK’s largest hair and beauty companies.  Established over 20 years ago, his company now has five salons in London, with over 100 staff and 2,000 clients a week. 

PilotBean was chosen to provide the web technology for the launch of their new website. The requirement  was for to the site to be highly interactive and feature rich to draw in the visitor.  Also there was a major requirement to allow flexibility and control over the large amount of product data being managed.

The site update incorporated a Personal Selector element which has been  a great success. The Personal Selector allows visitors to select their type of hair and hair related problems and then produces results depending on their responses. This then will suggest a product range suitable for that individual.  Following the great customer feedback received, Charles Worthington asked us to develop an offline Microsite of the Personal Selector for their team to take out to a roadshow.