PilotSite Upgrade Version 2.8.5


Our latest upgrade to PilotSite includes, an updated spell checker, which now sits within the rich text editor and also works with html 5 mark-up. In order to help increase parallel performance, an Image re-writer has been implemented, this now allows a user to load multiple images at once.

A helpful tool to have is our new Survey editor. A user can now create and manage surveys, along with exporting survey results. Handy for gaging customer feedback.

Our browser support now covers all the latest versions of Chrome, IE, Firefox and now Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 and our SEO updates includes: Case sensitive 301 Redirects and Page title options (include and exclude leaf nodes / reverse ordering / hierarchy separators)


We have implemented a clever B2b marketing tool, which allows a user to download reports based on both an individual's activity and a company's activity.


Our ecommerce module has increased to accept all of the following payment providers: Stipe, eWay, WorldPay, PayPal, Google Checkout and Sage pay. Lastly, we can now provide payment support for all users who do not login or register before they process an order.