PilotSite 2.8 released

The latest version of PilotBean's CMS product PilotSite was released today.

This release also has a large focus of improving the performance of the both the CMS and content delivery systems. The CMS navigation has also had styling improvements with the addition of workspaces, enabling content areas to be grouped together in more logical components.

Full list of new features:

  • Micro copy editor – Change copy on buttons, messages and other small items of text directly in the CMS. Micro copy can be set up to change items globally or individually on a case by case basis.
  • Advanced Image cropping – All site images can be cropped using real-time controls. All editing is non-destructive, meaning that the original image is always available.
  • Advanced Image library – All original images are stored in a global library and organised into virtual folders. Images can be instanced multiple times throughout the site with different size and crop metrics.
  • Sitemap improvements – Controls are protected so that they can only be added to template areas where they are designed to go, reducing the chances of mistakes. Site map pages and controls can be protected from being editing by a user with a particular CMS user role. Page previewing direct from the CMS is now possible.
  • Related links improvements – Related links have been expanded so that entities can now be related to pages or site areas. Also the related links controls can be CMS configured with friendly selection of entities, ordering and maximum numbers.
  • CMS-controlled page caching & control caching – Allows significant site performance on high volume sites. Can decrease database and webserver load by orders of magnitude.
  • HTML 5 content editor – Faster and fully compatible with modern html. The new editor included in PilotSite also has significant usability improvements.
  • Templated content editor – Designed to quickly build site pages with complex styling yet with all the content remaining CMS editable. Both easier to use and with greater design possibilities than a traditional HTML editor, the structured editor boasts the best mix of flexibility and usability for most web document publishing needs.
  • Structured content editor – Designed to allow the creation of technical forms, tables and complex documents with an easy to use CMS editor. Consistency is maintained through design allowing intuitive editing of site pages that previously would have required developer intervention.
  • Link checker – Regularly checks your sites content to find broken links and provide reporting on them to help ensure your content is up to date.
  • Improved SEO controls – Additional controls give fine grained control over how a site is indexed and crawled by search engines.
  • RSS feed improvements – Improved compatibility and performance enhancements.
  • Workspaces – Improved workflows for different CMS tasks with functions grouped into workspace. Allows more features with less control clutter. 
  • Usability improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Increased browser support in the CMS

Our PilotShop ecommerce system has also been updated to include:

  • New payment options WorldPay and PayPal join Google Checkout and Sage Pay as payment options.
  • Email Full email trigger support including PilotSend integration